Getting Back, Sort Of

After Wednesday’s crap 16-ish mile ride I took Thursday off the bike and just goofed off and got caught up on some stuff.

By Friday I was feeling better mentally and ready to ride, but could have used better legs. I got a half way OK ride in and took some photos, but that was about the extent of it.

Saturday brought a perfect day for riding, so it goes without saying I didn’t ride. I slept in, goofed off around the house, and then drove over towards Midland to take photos at a flat track motocross event. It was both the first time I ever shot a motorcycle racing event AND the first time I ever attended one.

It’s sort of funny that within the past month I have attended a rodeo and a motocross race, all for the sake of seeing new things and taking some photos. I have to say I really dug the flat track race. There’s a regular race there later in the month that a friend of mine might be racing in and I’m geeked to check it out.

I got out for about 28 miles of dirt roads on Sunday. I started out riding in the bright sun, but about halfway through the ride the clouds rolled in and the sounds of thunder could be heard rumbling around me. Thankfully I somehow avoided any rain and got home safely and dry.

I was asked by Wifey on Friday night why I don’t update this blog as much as I used to. It’s pretty simple really: I ride less, my rides aren’t that interesting, I tend to post almost daily on Instagram, and now as a recreational cyclist who is more interested in taking photos than physical performance, I don’t have much to contribute (as if I did before). Add in that I also post on, my want to post here has decreased over time. I don’t purposely plan on not posting here, but it seems to not happen as much.



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