High Five (why MTB racers rock)


Everyday I field hundreds of emails (not really, not even one) about why I am such a fan of pro mountain bike racing over pro road racing. Well, aside from that fact that I race mountain bikes (or a cross bike on gravel), I don’t really don’t dig the modern-day road racing vibe. On top of that, I’ve only competed in ONE (paved) road race in my entire life (A local race in which I got dropped within the first few miles and rode the next 27 miles solo). I just dig the mountain bike race vibe more than that of our skinny-tired brothers and sisters.

And as if I needed anymore evidence to justify my position, I give you the video clip below (taken via RedBull.TV at round 2 of the UCI XCO World Cup) of Alexandra Engen (Ghost Factory Racing)…

Engen flatted earlier in the race, and like most modern-day XCO mountain bike racers was not carrying a tube/pump with her (boo!) and was relying solely on her crew in the tech area in the event of an issue. Well she did flat, and in one of the most inopportune places on the track. She was left with little else to do but walk the course until she got to the nearest pit, or drop out and lose any potential UCI point. She walked.

And walked… and walked…. Finally, she made it to the tech area and her mechanic swapped out a wheel. UN-like many modern-day roadies who are  prone to throw their $10,000 carbon bikes and act like little bitches, she watched, smiled and high-fived her wrench before riding off to try to earn as many UCI points as she could.

Bravo, Alexandra Engen, bra-va-fucking-oh! You earned yourself a fan right here.

Sure, she probably fucked up by not having a tube to stick in to make up time (like the old days) but that is besides the point. The POINT is her attitude, and her attitude rocks. Aside from that, mountain bike racing rocks… rocks fucking hard.

For a complete replay of the Women’s XCO race in Cairns, Australia, check out Redbull.TV.

Video taken from Redbull.TV.

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