I Rode Once


I seriously had to consult a calendar to see when the last time I rode was, it was Thursday. I rode dirt roads on the Boone, it was OK. I took some photos of birds along the way. They were pretty OK too.


Friday was busy with a bunch of stuff, and the weather wasn’t all that great, so I planned for a ride on Saturday. That was until I woke up to downpours that pretty much lasted all day, so I spend my day watching soccer until going out with Wifey for a couple of beverages at the Tap Room.


The weather was absolutely awesome on Sunday, but B had his first match of the regular season in Traverse City.

Between the 3.5 hour round trip car ride, the match, and all that, I did NOT feel like riding when we got home late Sunday afternoon, and instead cracked a few beverages and played FIFA. My slack is STRONG!

Monday was a crap ton of work, two different appointments, and B’s first day of school, so I am looking forward to getting some miles in on Tuesday.

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