Today I enjoyed the last of my miles on the Superfly 100. During my time with the bike I got close to 65 miles on it and I am pretty impressed, but it’s time to say goodbye and get it back to my friend Mike tomorrow. I should probably take him a sixer or something to say thanks for the good times.

The pic above is of a short, smooth sandy section up at MMCC. It’s one of the few places that you can ease up and take in a bottle easily. From the amount of tire tracks it looks like lots of folks have been taking advantage of the sweet fall weather we have been having.


I dig the top cap on the Superfly. Sadly, since I am currently unemployed it’s sort of lost on me and just makes me feel turdish and further drives home the point that all I did with XXC Magazine was get my family deeper in debt and not be able to help out while our wonderful government 1 is shut down leaving Wifey (and effectively our family) without a paycheck.

It’s funny [not really] that I make more money NOT doing the magazine than I did doing it. Well, I guess what I mean is that I don’t make any money, but at least I’m not LOSING money!  On a side note, I did find a couple of local graphics positions online today and sent off some resumes and cover letters. Not sure who they are for though, I hate when potential employers don’t say who they are. They could be someone super cool…. or someone super freaking lame or just freaking SCARY! Oh well, nothing I/we can do about it. Shit will work out, it always does.

Plus, this cheered me up…


I would love, love, LOVE to have this rig that I saw when I was walking Jake The Dog tonight. While the canoe looks badass, I think I would be just fine with my bikes in the back and a nice little sleeping area. Not sure the exact year, but it looks like a late 60’s (according to my Google-ing). I think the window on the back might be a custom job. Not seeing any online with a window. Would be nice added ventilation for sleeping in the back.


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