Loving a Whitetard

Last Friday Wifey and I went out for a couple of beers before dinner at a local college bar/pizza place. It was fun to hang out with her, talk one on one, and catch up on stuff at the end of the week.

As we talked a young couple came in and sat in the booth behind Wifey and ordered up some pizza. Not to profile or anything, but they appeared to be Middle Eastern, and I assumed Muslim due to the hijab the woman was wearing. I mentioned to Wifey that since the Russian appointed Orange Dick-Tater took over our country, I find myself being instinctively nicer to folks who don’t fit the mold of Trump’s ideal American: rich, white, male, straight, Christian, and born in U.S. of A. I guess it’s an attempt to show these folks that not all Americans, or residents here in Trump-friendly rural Michigan, are filled with the same intolerance that the bad-haired orange SCROTUS and his minions spout.

Anyway, as our time there was winding down I excused myself to use the restroom. When I returned we grabbed our coats and headed home. As we drove home Wifey says “By the way, I paid the bill for that couple behind us.” “You what??” I replied. “Yeah, I gave the waitress some cash and told her it was for the table behind us.” I joked and said “Eeesh, I said I find myself being nicer, but not buying meals for random people.” I of course thought it was nice of her, but after that neither one of us gave it much thought.

Then last night we returned to same place for our semi-weekly Friday evening date.

The waiter brought us over a couple of drafts and said “Hey are you the folks that paid for that couple’s meal last week?” Wifey embarrassingly confessed and the dude went on to tell us that it was cool, and that the couple was very grateful, but extremely confused to the who did it, and why. It seems they had only been in the country for a couple of weeks, had only recently arrived in town, and knew no one.

Knowing all that made me even more proud of Wifey’s decision to “pay it forward” to this random couple.

After the waiter left, Wifey says to me “I had no idea how the wait staff would react, I didn’t know if they would think it was nice, cool, or think I was just another stupid “whitetard” liberal. To which I busted out laughing and pointed out that the phrase that right wingers use in attempt to insult liberals is “libtard,” not “whitetard.”  Yeah, she’s square, but baby I don’t care.


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