Magic Bullets

Tuesday night the mid-Michigan area got a round of ball busting storms: thunder, lightning, high winds, and rain. A lot of rain. The Cul-De-Sac-Shack’s lawn that was brown for most of the summer is now back in force and in need of twice a week mowings. Oh well, just a little added swomethin’-somethin’ to help me earn my keep. Sure beats wearing the gimp masks again. I don’t know how anyone can breathe in those things!

Assuming the dirt roads would be a soupy mess of mud and grit I skulked around the house drinking coffee, happy to be avoiding DALMAC-ers coming into the shop looking for the magic bullet to get them and their rusty bikes to Mackinaw with little to no effort.

After the joy of avoiding customer service—and my lack of ability to give it—wore off, I started getting cranky (and fatter) from not riding and needed to leave the house ASAP before I started looking for my magic bullets in the back of the fridge. All twelve of them.

So, I got my camera and exchanged skulking around the house for skulking around the nearby Sylvan Solace Preserve taking pictures of bugs and forest critters. Not really a calorie-burner but the dark, wet forest and shutter clicks were just the mental rub and a tug my brain needed.

After I got home and cleaned up, I drove B over to the school to catch the bus for his first away high school match in Bay City. Then, once Wifey was home from work we made the drive over to watch him.

The struggling JV team finally put things together, and B-Man scored his first high school goal(s) of the season, plus two assists. It was super fun to watch. Hopefully, the team can get some momentum from the match to help them as they prepare to face some tough opponents in the coming weeks, including a couple teams that are stacked with a lot of friends and teammates from his club team.

I should be out riding right now instead of typing this nonsense, but I’m not. Yet here I sit writing, drinking coffee, and thinking about starting to think about riding before a mid-afternoon appointment with my mind bender and date with my lawn. Who knows, maybe there will be some magic bullets in the evening in preparation for a day wearing the gimp mask at the shop tomorrow.


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