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Soiled Chamois file photo.

Soiled Chamois file photo.

Thursday was a day of nothing but house duties and workish stuff. I could have squeezed a ride in, but that wouldn’t be proper for someone like myself who seemingly strives to be as crap as possible. What I WAS able to do though was catch up with a few friends last night and plan a Friday ride at MMCC with my friend Ryan. I’m sure glad he had the day off and wanted to ride, because on this gray, windy Friday all I wanted to do was climb under the covers with my favorite bulldog and take a day long sad nap.

Today marked miles sixty-five through eighty and the second singletrack ride on my now week old Procaliber 9.8 SL, and I have to say this may have been the best ride yet. I’m more dialed in on it now and have come to the happy realization that the bike is mine. I can ride the crap out of it! And that’s a good feeling, ’cause I freaking love the bike! I love the way it feels, looks and rides. No, it’s not as plush as a full suspension or softail, but it’s not harsh like a regular hardtail either.

Since I was riding with someone else and just trying to make sure that I kept up a semi-average pace, I didn’t even bother to take a camera (thus the file photos of the leaf covered trail at MMCC). I wish I would have take one, because Ryan’s shifter fell off–with the screw careening into the leaves never to be seen again–and needed taped to his bar with scraps of tape. I think that would have made a nice memory for him.

Part of the trail is still being re-routed from nearby private hunting land, so a full lap couldn’t be had, but with the new section of trail it probably came damn close. In any event, it was a good time and nice to ride with a friend who I haven’t ridden with all season.

Saturday looks like some possible rain, but I am taking the day off regardless to go shoot pics at the Frost Cross race. It’s not often that there’s a cross race just 1.1 miles from your house, so I figured I better go, take some pics and see what they cooked up. IF I get any quality shots I’ll post them up on Junk Miles Media.

Looking forward to a chill night with Wifey and the boy and eating some of my spatchcocked chicken.


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