Finding time to blather on about shit here is not something that I have ever had trouble with. Even back in the days of working a “real” full-time job at the paper (then busting my ass to publish XXC Mag), “racing,” and “training” for said “racing” all while helping to raise a young son, I somehow found time to publish this dross.

As your luck would have it, these days, I often find myself opting to spend my spare time processing the pics I’ve taken, having a few beers and watching soccer, or practicing my dance of seduction to woo Wifey into fighting crime with me. Let’s just say I spend a lot of time watching soccer, drinking beer, and processing photos. Anyway…

Since the day the crank fell off sometime in ballsy part of last week, I have managed to get out for four rides, get a new crank on (I stripped some shit on the old one, but the shop gave me a sweet deal on a Franken-crank they had laying around), attend two nail-biting soccer matches, shoot photos at said matches, process about 100 photos, sell a camera, buy a new lens, hate the new lens, pack up and return the new lens, go out with Wifey, and do all that other stuff that I do; including one failed dance of seduction, and one not-so-failed dance of seduction (The cul-de-sac is a much safer place thanks to us).

Since there is no reason to talk at length about the rides I’ve done (they were OK, just not anything great), or the crime I’ve fought, I will just post an another slide show of photos from the recent days.

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