Road Ride Pay Dirt

Today was a good day for a ride on the dirt roads surrounding my crib, and they did NOT disappoint, that’s for sure!

I won’t go to into all of the details of the ride, ’cause they ain’t that impressive, but just as it is with riding in the woods on singletrack, I see a little more than most when out on the dirt roads, so for the most part, I will let the pictures do the talking.

Basically the ride broke down like this: go south of town, hit Deerfield Road which is one of the shittiest roads I’ve ever been on (teeth rattling, nut sack pounding ripples of suck and THAT is on a freaking mountain bike), do some flats, do some mild hills, do some pavement, some sandy roads, see some freaky dirt road stuff, enjoy the ride, get 2.5 hours of riding in and go home. Fin.

Here are the pics…


Don’t ask me how I EVEN saw this along the farm field lined road, but I did. For the record, it’s none other than Billy Ray Cyrus. Don’t believe me?  Take a closer look…


By the way, Achy Breaky Heart is on side 1.


When I ran out of dirt, I hit some shit paved roads, Michigan style.


And then more dirt… Seriously, you can’t make this shit up! Dirt roads man… that is where it’s at




Part of my paved road detour was due to the fact that there was a TON of Amish traffic in parts and rather than trail behind some jank, horse drawn cart full of corn whilst fishtailing on deep sand rutted roads, I backtracked and hit some pavement. There are worse things to have to avoid…. buses, assholes in cars, muggers, rabid dogs, etc., etc.,..


Nearly 40 miles, mostly on dirt roads and it was pretty sweet. I mean where else (other than at a rest stop in the deep south) are you gonna find Billy Ray Cyrus along a road??


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