Still Falling

Sort of picking things up where they left off when I last posted. Meaning, not much has changed. Fall keeps falling, and I still fail to ride anything other than a stationary bike at the gym before lifting heavy things for no reason.

I’ve also continued to escape into the woods for walks with my camera. The peaceful woods keep me slightly sane and give me hope for mankind—especially since while in the woods, I still very little of mankind—and shooting pics with my camera helps me scratch the creative itches that riddle me like puss-filled wounds.

Sunday was my sort of day for woods walking: cold and rainy. Nothing adds to photos of dead leaves and rotting trees like a good cold rain.

I walked, I contemplated life, I shot some pics and made it out of the woods before a chatty gaggle of Girl Scouts entered to do whatever a chatty gaggle of Girl Scouts do in the wet woods on a Sunday afternoon.

The coming week is filled with 3 doctors’ appointments, a date with a septic sucker, and God knows what else. Hopefully, there will be some junk miles and picture clicking of some sort.


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