The Runs

Sunday was my Day of Sloth. I slept in a bit, watched soccer, took B to soccer practice, drank beer, played FIFA ’17, made White Chicken Chili, and chilled with Wifey while watching Sherlock. The closest I came to exercise was using a bottle opener, and it felt goooood!

Fourteen of the past seventeen days I’ve done some form of exercise. Sadly there were only two rides, and the rest have been “runs” on the treadmill. Admittedly I am no runner, that’s why I ride bikes, but as I’ve mentioned several times recently I’m trying to sort of become one just for the hell of it and mix things up. My body is still adapting to the rigors of running, and most of my workouts are interval sessions that allow my legs to adapt, and maximize calorie burning. My steady running efforts are more jogging than running, and legit runners probably walk as fast as I jog. Still, I’m seeing improvements, and today I finally pulled off a three mile run jog that, minus the first .10 mile warmup, was spent entirely jogging. In the end I did my fastest–but still slow as shit!–3 mile effort to date.

I should not be this happy about running three miles in 35:20, but I have to say I’m a bit stoked about finally putting in a full run. Had I not walked to the first .10 to warm up I could have shaved a bit more time off. Next time I’ll be sure to warm up, then start the watch.

“I’m not unfit, I’m fat.”- Ggep Nomis

Couple of semi, not all that interesting things:

  1. I’ve worked out 14 of 17 days so far this year. I lost two pounds; then gained three; then lost two. That’s a lot of work for one pound! I guess I’m cheating a bit more than I thought on those weekend cheat nights! To quote Simon Pegg from the movie Run Fat Boy Run in reverse… I’m not unfit, I’m fat.
  2. The past week all my runs have been done on an empty stomach. I hear there is a thing called fasting cardio, and I’d like to think that it’s more than just Bro Science but I doubt that it is. I only mention it because I’ve actually performed better since I started running on coffee fumes alone. I’ve never even attempted to do a ride without eating, but for a 30 to 40 minute cardio session it seems to work.

It’s funny to be writing about these small accomplishments with running. I remember back in the early 90s when I picked up my first sort of real bike and thought riding two miles was a big deal. About 10 years later I was racing 24 hour solo races and 100 mile mountain bike races. Not sure running will ever have the same result, but it wouldn’t be so bad if it did.

Not sure how the week is going to play out, there are some family issues back in PA that we may need to travel back for, but more on that another time.


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