The Trail For The Leaves


The “wet season” continues here in mid-Michigan with rain almost every day for the past week, including a brief shower this morning before the sun came out, but other than some wet leaves and a slick root or two you would not have known it from today’s ride. The soil at MMCC sucks up rain harder than a Vegas hooker sucks up… Rain?

The leaves are “popping” and falling hard and in places it is truly getting hard to see the trail for the leaves. But the riding has been TITS! I just wish I was motivated to get more than a 16 mile loop in before I head home and brood about whatever it is that I feel needs brooding about that day. But that’s shit that is best left to my therapist…. if I HAD one.


SOMEWHERE underneath all those leaves in the photo above is the trail! Eeesh, a few windy, rainy days and the leaves make a beeline for the ground. Jerks!


Short ride or not, it’s hard to argue with how sweet it is to be riding singletrack in the golden shower-y glow of the woods, knowing full well that in a month or so the snow will be on the ground and I will be confined to the indoors.


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