Tomac: Legend


Tomac. Freaking legend!

The scan above is of the one and only John Tomac winning the 1989 “mountain bike world championship” in Spa, Belgium. In quotation marks because at this time the UCI had yet to recognize mountain biking as a discipline worthy of a World Championship, that would come the next year in Durango, Colorado.

Tomac was a freaking animal and in my opinion should be recognized as one of the greatest American cyclists of all time. It should have been HIM making millions for advertising everything from shit beer to investment funds, instead of being relegated to just  bike components and sunglasses. Oh well, those who know, know, you know?

John Tomac… BMX, mountain bike, road, legend. Badass.

Scan from Winning Magazine No. 77, 1990.
Photo by Thierry Deketelaere


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