Twenty-Five in Twenty-Nine


After two days of not riding, I finally made it out for some dirt road riding on Tuesday morning. The sun was out, the wind was relatively calm, and the air was crisp. Like 29˚ sort of crisp. I sure was a shock from last Friday’s ride in 70˚ weather. But there is no use in complaining about it because I live in Michigan, and cold weather is part of the deal five to eleven months out of the year.

Winter shoes were donned, the new balaclava was utilized, and the winter riding pants were busted out for the first time this fall. It all seemed a bit much for a 25 mile ride loop from the house, but just when I thought I was overdressed, I would catch a breeze that made me realize that despite the sun and blue sky, it was indeed freaking cold (at least to my old, blood thinner taking, ass).


Rolling my northern loop I took the Fuji X-T1 along for some picture snapping. Taking photos on this route has sort of become like looking at old porn, I’ve pretty much exhausted every photo-op, in every situation, yet I still keep riding it and taking photos along the way. Do you see the old porn analogy? Me neither, but I’m sure it makes sense to someone.


The fall harvest continues, and throughout the ride clouds of dust could be seen dotting the landscape as combines sucked up and puked out the remaining corn.


To think that so much corn comes out of my little corner of the world is nuts. What’s even more nuts is that it is indeed just my little corner, this goes on all over the country every year. That’s a lot of freaking corn!


Some jagoff was kind enough to dump his bucket of deer guts along the road, and this jagoff felt compelled to take a photo of it and share it with the interweb-o-sphere. Sorry.

You would have thought the bucket of blood and guts would have caused me to lose my appetite, but nope, there was no slowing my appetite after riding in the cold air and I couldn’t wait to get home and scarf down a bowl of leftover chicken chili (recipe to come in the Cat 5 Cooking section at the top of the page).


The next few days will be void of riding, and filled wit driving, family stuff, and the like as we take off for Pennsylvania for the holiday. Hoping to get out in the woods somewhere for a hike or maybe do some urban exploring like I did last year.


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