This is yesterday’s post today (which you will probably see tomorrow) before I post today’s post tomorrow (which you will probably see the next day). Maybe.

On Wednesday I headed out for a quick loop south of town. The loop was a short 20 mile ride and I wasted too much time taking photos of farm animals and rural decay. After that I need to get a bunch of work done before taking B to practice in the evening. 

In between making our Early Bird Special dinners and starting out on our 45 minute drive to Midland, I decided to grab the SD card out of my Fuji XT-1 and download the morning’s photos. Then I got sidetracked by my Nikon D500 that was sitting on my desk; I may have messed up some of my autofocus setting and I wanted to get it figured out. A Google here, and a YouTube there, for info and I was back on track. So, to test it out I slapped in an a SD card that was sitting on my desk, formatted it, and tested it out. It seemed back to normal so I returned to starting my download. “Where’s that SD card?” I muttered to myself. “Ohhhh…. Noooooo….SHIT! I accidentally formatted the SD card!!” 

So, no photos.

It’s hard enough to make a 20 mile dirt road loop interesting with crap photos, it’s even harder without! But it’s pretty easy to see that I’m an freaking moron.


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