When In Doubt: Pinch a Loaf

The past two days have been less than fun: more ongoing frigid winter temps, a tooth filling that may need worked on for a 3rd time (probably needing a root canal), a dead battery in Wifey’s clown car (due to a certain ginger haired 10-year-old leaving the door ajar overnight) and an ongoing battle with my thoughtless neighbors over their two big ass dogs that they leave out in their yard for hours at a time to relentlessly bark as if the rest of the neighborhood REALLY enjoys hearing them bark at anyone, everything, anything everyone! Yeah, I know this all minor shit, but the minor shit is adding up and I’m letting it get to me. I need spring!! (REAL spring).

With all the dead battery drama this morning I missed out on a ride (not that I felt like riding in 15 degree temps), missed my time window for going to the gym and I had NOOOOOOO desire what-so-ever to ride the trainer. So I did what any red-blooded, stressed-out, depressed, American male who doesn’t have a real job to go to would do;  I baked bread.

I attempted to baked some last week that tasted great but overall it didn’t rise enough and was used mostly for French Toast this weekend.  Today’s attempt turned out much better and with a bit more rise. I think the combination of an old mixer, without a proper dough hook, and the need for a warmer place to sit the dough is preventing the dough from rising properly [Note: going to try this method the next time]. Still, today’s turned out much better and each loaf is getting better. Despite cooking all the time, I hardly ever bake, so this is all pretty new to me, but I have to say it’s pretty cool to make something that I would usually buy in the store and see how little ingredients are used oppose to the store-bought. In fact, check it out…

The bread I made: Whole Wheat Flour, Water, Yeast, Honey, Olive Oil, Salt.

The bread I would normally buy in the store: Whole Wheat Fiber, Water, Wheat Gluten, Oat Fiber, Wheat Protein Isolate, Soybean Oil, Yeast, Polydextrose, Fructose, Salt, Molasses, Preservatives (Calcium Propionate, Sorbic Acid), Mono- and Diglycerides, Grain Vinegar, Monocalcium Phosphate, Wheat Bran, Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate and Soy Lecithin.


The recipe I’ve been using can be found at anoregoncottage.com.

I’m hoping that I can get good enough at this that I can justify the expense of buying THIS bad boy….

orangemixI think if Wifey sees that it comes in what she calls her “signature orange,” she may be open to the idea. But first I must woo her with my bread skills (amongst other things).

Edit: Had a chance to actually eat the bread this morning by making a couple slices of French Toast. The bread tasted great and this French Toast is becoming one of my fave breakfasts. Just a couple pieces of the homemade bread, dipped in egg/milk/cinnamon, topped with a thin layers of natural peanut butter and a drizzle of honey.


Sorry about the poor food photography, especially the breakfast. Sadly it is still dark when I make my breakfast and the kitchen lighting is sub-par.


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