The past few days picked up right where last week left off as far as riding. Or maybe I should say as far as not riding?

Friday I worked at the shop, then came home and fetched B, got him to practice, and then to a local high school football game to hang out with his friends while Wifey and I went to dinner with her dad who just got into town for a quick visit.

Saturday B had a high school JV soccer tournament most of the day and by the time we got home late that afternoon all I wanted to do was sit in my chair, have some beer and watch DVRed footy.



I wanted to ride on Sunday but woke up to cold, steady rain. I wasn’t all that motivated to ride my bike anyway, but I was even less motivated to ride it in the pouring rain. I sat, I drank coffee, I went for a hike at Bundy Hill, then—much to Wifey’s chagrin—I once again sat in my chair and drank a few beers while watching footy before making dinner.

Monday came roaring in like a herd of turtles, and I once again woke up to the sound pouring rain, and a foul mood. A mood made worse by a wife in a mood worse than mine for reasons that I didn’t fully comprehend, which in turn made my mood worse. With that, I chose to hide under the covers of my bed for most of the morning until I shamed myself out into the wet woods of the Sylvan Preserve for a quick hike around to take crap photos that yielded one stupid mushroom photo. I should have stayed in bed.

I’ve struggled to keep the motivation to ride my bike for the past few years now, but this is one of the worst stretches I’ve had for a while. The funny thing is, I don’t know if I even care. If it passes, I’ll ride. If it doesn’t, I won’t.

The coming week looks just as filled with real-life type duties, broken up in the middle with B’s final JV match of the season and possibly some hours at the shop later in the week.


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