Short and Unsweetened 

Wednesday morning brought sunny skies but cold temps and a steady wind out of the west. Motivation to ride was high, motivation to ride in the cold wind was low. A compromise in the form of a Better Than The Trainer Ride™ was made. Who says you can’t have it all!

The start of the ride was OK enough, cool but OK. For whatever reason I just had no real motivation; I was outside, I was doing something, and that was going to be good enough for me.

I had made the decision to limit the ride to a B.T.T.T.R.™ before I left the house, and before I even turned into the wind I made the decision to limit it to the 20 mile version. Once my bloated face started getting pelted head on by the wind the only thing that kept me going was the knowledge that I was about halfway done. Well, that and I had no choice.

I remember the days when I could/would push myself to ride double the miles in way worse conditions for the sake of mid pack at best glory on race day, now I am totally OK with just getting outside for a bit. I still enjoy pushing myself and I like to hurt on occasion, but the thrill of fun hurting on the bike has passed like an angry turd the day after a cheese binge.

I fully admit, over the past year there are times I’ve had as much fun on a 20 mile ride as I’ve had on a 45 mile ride. Since the days of racing, I have found new ways to challenge myself: creative, mental and emotional challenges have taken precedence these days, yet my love of riding remains. Back when I was balls deep in being a crap “wannabe” racer type, I tried looking ahead to these days. I wondered if I would be one of those people who decides enough is enough, stops racing and as a result, sees no need for riding at all. I’m happy that didn’t happen. These days my bike is used as a tool in facing the new challenges I have set for myself, and for those which life hands me. My bike is an ever willing participant and cares little about the length of the journey, just so long as there is one.


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