A Broken Pendrel


Bad luck (again) for Catharine Pendrel! It seems the Luna Chix rider broker her collarbone while training this past Tuesday, April Fools Day. Sadly, this was no bad April Fools joke and there will no racing for Pendrel for the next six weeks. Fortunately no surgery is needed and she is quoted on teamlunachix.com as saying she is “feeling pretty pain-free so far” and “optimistic for a speedy recovery.”

Pendrel fell victim to a broken clavicle last year but thankfully still managed to come back for some World Cup racing, to take the Canadian National Championship in Cyclocross and to take a victory at the 2013 Iceman Cometh in Traverse City, Michigan.

I was confident that the 2013 Iceman Victory finally absolved me of the shleprock-like bad luck that I MAY have rubbed off on her via a high-five in the finishing straight back at the 2011 Iceman [seen in the video below].

Sadly it seems that was not the case. I apologise to her and her fans. In my defense I will point out that she touches the hands of two others before me, so it very well could be one of those two that are the shleprocks! Yeah, I know that’s probably not true, sorry.

Let’s hope we see Pendrel back racing real soon, cheers to a speedy recovery.

You can follow the Catharine Pendrel on Twitter @cpendrel and on her blog at cpendrel.blogspot.com.

Photo: Wiki Commons
Video: me/xxcmag.com

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