A Twist of Dirt

I got behind on this digital shit show, so playing some catch up here with a bit about yesterday, today.

Since Friday’s crap-tastic ride in the relentless wind I have done the following:

Saturday: Run, strength train, slack hard, hang with Wifey, drink beer, play video games.

Sunday: Take B to practice, slack harder, drink beer, play video games.

Monday: Catch up on web duties for various side/freelance projects, run, strength train.

In other words I didn’t ride, but 2 of the 3 days I did some “stuff.” Then 2 of the 3 days I did things to undo the stuff I did. But just think if I wouldn’t have done that “stuff.” The good “stuff,” not the bad stuff! We’ll call it all even… ish. This is why I don’t lose weight.

Finally Tuesday I rode. I rode pavement, and I rode dirt. Or as my friends at Terry’s Cycle say #morethanpavement.

What turned out as a sunny, beautiful, fairly warm day started off a bit cold and gray. Yeah, that’s the part I rode in. But I did ride, and I finally hit some dirt that was semi-worthwhile. Sadly it wasn’t all dirt, only about 5 miles of the 37 (36.9 if you’re picky) were on dirt, but it was nice to ditch the shit paved roads, for some easy going, nearly vehicle free dirt roads.

Found signage. I think it says NO RANTING!

I was hoping to get the ride to an even 40 but the dirt road tour led me astray a bit, and I came up 3 miles shy. Once the dirt roads are in some proper, but still shit/fun, condition there should be no problem with digging up a 3 mile dog leg/lollipopĀ to add in for anĀ even 40.

For when you can NOT be seen camping.

After 72 hours without some saddle time it was nice to be back. Even if it wasn’t the greatest ride, it was better than the slack-a-pol-looza of the last three days.


Shockingly I am at a loss for words right now, so I’ll just throw some more photos up from the digital guts of the ride.



Should have another post soon from today’s ride south of town, which has on 99% dirt. It felt gooood.


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