Angry Bird

I got out for a nice 27-mile ride on Tuesday. I’ve had better rides, but God knows I’ve had worse rides, so I’ll just shut my cake trap and be happy that I was out on my bike, the sun was out, and I returned with the faint hints of sunburn to my raw chicken fat looking man-flesh.

There was little excitement to the ride other than when I stopped to take the pic above, a red-winged blackbird hovered above my head squawking incessantly. I guess I was a little too close to its nest. Eventually, it sat on the wire above me doing the bird equivalent of an old man yelling at the sky. Sorry, Mr. Bird.

Going to the shop to work some hours on Wednesday, so no rides in my immediate future. Hopefully, on Thursday I’ll get some outdoor time in.


Did I mention I got a new bike? I did. Not sure when it’ll be built up and good to go, but it’s in the shop. One of the perks of being the shop gimp.


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