It’s Arrowhead 135 time again…

I lack both the talent and frozen balls big enough to ever compete in the Arrowhead 135, but that doesn’t mean I don’t dig reading and seeing about the race or truly admire what racers go through. The Arrowhead was one of those races I always looked forward to working on when I was publishing XXC Magazine and In fact the photo above (taken by Chris Gibbs) is from Eszter Horanyi’s article in XXC Magazine No. 15.

I’m also digging this video that my friends over at Salsa Cycles posted up recently…

Best of luck to all the folks racing this year, look forward to seeing how it all plays out.

Who knows, now that I got me a fatty, I might have to start training for the 135…. Ha, NO WAY! At this point I’m happy just to ride 15 miles and burn man blubber in the snow.

A.M. Updated 1.28: The top finishers from the 2014 Arrowhead 135

  1. Jay Petervary 20:11:00
  2. Tom Puzak 21:26:00
  3. Alec Petro 22:34:00

For more on the Arrowhead 135 and continued race updates check out

Photo:  Chris Gibbs,
Video: Salsa Cycles

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