Bracing For Winter

Last week was a week filled with an unusual amount of riding; over 8 hours in the saddle as we entered the first week in December. Sadly, if the weather forecast is correct, I think all that might be the done for a while.

As I type this rain has moved into mid-Michigan, they’re calling for winds over 40 miles per hour tomorrow, followed by temps falling into the 20s and low 30s for the foreseeable future. While I am not thrilled about that, it is a bit more normal for December in mid-Michigan, I mean Saturday I shot some photos at a local cyclocross race and came home with a sunburn. That’s just not right!

Since my last crap blog entry, I did get out a couple more times. None of last week’s rides were all that lengthy, the longest coming in at 28 miles, but I was at least pretty consistent with getting outside, riding a few miles and taking some pics.

With mileage looking to dip in the coming weeks, I need to make some serious adjustments to my diet. Of course, that’s been needed for some time now with little success.

I also need to focus on what I want fitness-wise from the coming months. I will likely force myself out in the cold, and inevitable snow, a couple times a week, but that means the other days will need to be filled with something a bit healthier than drinking beer and listening to music.

The trainer and the treadmill will see some action, but it’s pretty hard to get motivated for such mindless dross. I’ve flirted with the idea of going back to the gym over the winter months, just to make sure I leave the house and get amongst humans, but I’m currently feeling pretty shit about my appearance and I’m not sure I want me and my muffin top in public any more than we have to be.

More importantly than all that is needing to find a creative outlet. My rides on gravel, although short, provide opportunities to take my camera for a ride and to write this crap. While in the past I have filled winter months with posts about time at the gym and Cat 5 Cooking, I’m less than eager to write about such mundane shit again (you’re welcome). And as much as I would like to take my camera to the gym, unless you’re a selfie-taking fitness bro/chick, I am pretty sure cameras in the gym are frowned upon and grounds for removal.

Enough of talking about what I might or might not do, or what might or might not happen, I have a busy week ahead, and a change in the weather, and forced time indoors is probably for the best.


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