Break Time!

When I woke up on Thursday morning and thought about all the shit that I wanted to/needed to get done during the day, I assumed that a ride would not be happening.

But as I sat at my computer, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, working up a brown, and drinking the first of several cups of coffee, it dawned on me that we are leaving for the U.P. on Saturday morning for a four-day low-key/non-riding family vacation. So I better squeeze something in, even if it’s not a long one or a very good one!

I had another crap night of sleep (it seems I don’t sleep as well without four to six beers in my gut), and I didn’t exactly want to ride, but my legs came around quickly (thank you tailwind!) and I was glad that I forced myself outside for a 23 mile ride that was made up of equal parts pavement and dirt roads. On the downside, I wasn’t “feeling it” with the camera today and got very little in return.

I’ve had better rides, but as any long-time readers know, I’ve had WAY worse rides too!

Jake will be at Doggy Camp for five days so I caved and let him back on the couch. Enjoy it now beast!

I am looking forward to the coming four days on the east coast of the Upper Peninsula. I love the tiny towns and coastal areas of the U.P. and I’m anxious to stomp around the trails, beaches, and small towns for a few days with my camera. I’m even gonna try using ND filters for the first time! I also love that our cell phones rarely get reception and the WiFi that can sometimes be had there is usually so poor that it’s easier just not to try.

Should be back in the saddle and writing this crap around this time next week.


UNRELATED NOTE: I’ve currently not had alcohol for 5 days and have lost 2.4 pounds. Only 65.4 pounds to hit my goal weight!

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