Broken, But Still Going

Here’s a look at some lowlights from my last four days…

I managed to hit myself in the face with my laptop and cut the bridge of my nose as I got into bed Friday night.
I enjoyed two evenings of severe, can’t stand up straight, back spasms (Friday and Saturday).
Sun burned my face beyond recognition on Sunday.
Broke a spoke 12 miles from home Monday, THEN somehow cut my leg on said broken spoke and bled all over myself.
Twice within five miles of home I was chased by angry dirt road dogs, and I received multiple bites from deer flies.


Now with all that bad shit out of the way, there was actually a LOT of good stuff over those same four days…

The weekend was spent watching B play soccer in a tournament his club was hosting. His team when 3-1 and came in 2nd overall on the weekend.


I managed to squeeze a quick ride in on Saturday morning, beating the heavy rain by just a few minutes.

Monday I got out for an amazing ride, well, at least the first 19 miles, and I felt really good. The weather was perfect, I saw shit ton of Sandhill Cranes, and despite the mechanical I had great time.




Wifey is out of town all week, so it’s just me, B, and three nights of soccer practice. Well, three for him, I only have to drive him two nights thanks to car pooling.


Other than missing Wifey, and a few added chores on to my normal duties, things aren’t too much different, and B and I do pretty well. He keeps me in line for sure.

I can easily get caught up in the bad shit that happens to me (I’m a notorious glass half empty, hard to live with pessimist asshole), I need to focus on the good things that happen too… I cut my nose, I didn’t break my nose; the back spasms went away; the wheel will be repaired, and despite being 12 miles from home I made it home without walking, I just had to endure the sound of the tire rubbing. As far as the angry dirt road dogs, I still hate them, but I love my dog, so I’ll just have to try to see the humor in being chased by a dog down a dirt road. Or get some bear spray.


Dig the message, but they need an editor. (Pot/kettle/black).

Gotta get out for ride now before Tuesday offers me any crap.


Note: I was in a hurry, and found a shit ton of mistakes in this post. Many have been corrected.

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