By The Numbers

I don’t want to sound negative, but there was nothing all that special about today’s ride. After two days of wet snow and rain, the weather was near perfect today, the wind was so calm it felt like cheating, and I completed my 30+ mile road loop without much mental or (perceived) physical effort. It was swell, but I’m not going to blow smoke up your blog reading asses by telling you it was something all that amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take that shit all day long, but it was nothing special.

So, I give you three photos, by the numbers, that sum up the ride and my Saturday…


I rode northward on pavement, avoiding the now re-saturated dirt roads, and took what must be the 500th photo of a barn that sits near the intersection of Denver and Whiteville Roads. The pic is a crap snapshot, but it’s different because I was riding pavement, not dirt. See?


Heading south I had to piss really bad, so I found a secluded spot in a wide open area to unleash the pink faced, wormy, one-eyed chap from the kit and hosed down the shoulder of the road. Nothing quite like the scent of coffee urine in the crisp Michigan air. Sniff… it…. in….


Once home I did some “adulting,” ate lunch, bathed Jake (the dog), did some laundry, some grocery shopping, and some big time slacking before cracking open the first of a few beers. The pic above is the heavenly glow of a Sierra Nevada Torpedo.

Hoping to get a 40 mile loop in tomorrow. If I’m lucky the conditions will be as amazeballs as they were today.


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