Complete Almosts

Thursday was a pretty good, not bad time on the bike. I rode, I took some photos, I blathered about it here, and I was ready to do it again on Friday. Sadly, Friday was not ready for me. Shit.

I knew going into Friday that B had a half day off; his school was sending the teachers to some safety class on how to best accept the fact that at some point their career their class will likely be shot at by some fuck face with a gun who thinks the Red Coats are coming and they need to be armed and ready to repel them and/or shoot up a classroom.

Anyway, the pre-drop off plan with B had him going to school and then going out to lunch with his friends in town as he is prone to do on half-days. With that, I was free to squeeze a ride in, so I thought.

The clouds and moderate temps of Thursday gave way to clear skies and crisp cold temps on Friday, complete with a strong and steady north wind. Despite that, I was still set on riding.

GPS loops on the road due to my slack.

I set off from the house and headed north right into a f-f-f-f-f-frigid fuck face wind. At mile .25 I turned around and headed home. “Fuck this!” I thought. Then I talked myself out of that, turned north again, rode for another bit and then once again said “Fuck this!”and headed home. Then I turned around again, determined to get a ride in. I rode another .25 miles, and yet again said “Fuck this!” and turned around. Then—as you may have guessed—I turned around again, determined to get some miles in.

I clenched my teeth, embraced the cold wind, and set my mind to getting SOMETHING in. I hit the dirt at about mile 2 and was finally warming up when my phone buzzed. “SHIT!!” I stopped, checked the text and saw that it was B. “No one can go to lunch, can you pick me up in 15 minutes??”

Sigh… “Yeah, I’m out on my bike, might be a few minutes late. See you soon.”

It just wasn’t meant to be, so I turned around for the FOURTH time and headed home to grab my keys and fetch the boy. I guess Ma Nature was trying to tell me something with that frigid north wind, I should have listened.

Saturday was a MUCH warmer day and the winds were calmer, but there would be no riding. I was working at the shop from 10 AM to 3 PM with plenty of time to ride before or after work but didn’t have one ounce of motivation. My only goals when I got home from the shop were to watch DVRed footy, drink beer and then hang out with Wifey eating homemade pizza while watching British murder/mysteries until going to bed in a heap of my own boozy, flour-covered slack.

Come Sunday I was eager to get out on my bike but was not eager to get myself out into the chilly morning. So, I slept in, drank coffee, made a ham and cheese omelet, browned two to eleven times, and watched some FA Crap footy before I FINALLY headed out for a ride.

I left from the house again and headed northward for a few miles before turning west into the wind. The wind was blowing just hard enough to drown out all other sounds, but the temps were warm enough that there were no thoughts of turning around like I had on Friday. I pedaled along, enjoyed the sun and the blue sky knowing that in a few miles the headwind would be over. After that, I would easily deal with a crosswind before being treated to several miles of a tailwind.

I didn’t have a ton of creative mojo in the picture-taking department and it was sort of a let down to know that after Sunday’s warm(er) temps would be returning to more winter-like temps this coming week, but a ride is a ride and it scratched the itch that I had started to scratch on Friday.


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