Dead Carps & Cabbages

Looking back through my January posts over the years, I have talked ad naseum about my loathing of January, so I will just say, a mid-Michigan January for someone dealing with depression is like throwing a drowning man a dead carp. Sure, it might be funny for a second, but the dude drowns, and you’re out your best dead carp.

In all semi-half seriousness, sometimes I have no idea where my winter days go or what exactly I do to kill time in the brief hours between waking up and going to bed. Surely I do something, right?

Yeah, I’ve been doing stuff, just nothing worth writing about or photographing. So I will heed the words of my great-great-grandfather, who was reportedly famous for muttering in Slovak, “Ak nevieš povedať nič pekné, choď jebnúť s kapustou!” Which I THINK loosely translates into “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” But it may also have something to do with fornicating with a cabbage. Who knows, things were different back then, and he did like his cabbage, or so I’m told.

Hope to return to semi-normal activities in the coming days as I wait on some legit snow to hike in and some thru-axel parts for my trainer.


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