Dirt Road Randomness

Today called for a more “normal for me” type of ride: a 35 mile ride north of town that was roughly a 50/50 split of paved and dirt roads. Because it’s late, I’m lazy and in an attempt to avoid this site being a blog that recounts every nuance of even the most mundane of the rides I do (like today’s ride), I will just post a few pics and move on. The three pics pretty much represent a few of the many things that are business as usual when riding in rural Michigan.


First of course there are cows. I was particular taken with the one above. Looking at this giant standing in the mud, chewing on some hay while looking back at me I found myself asking why the hell I eat beef? A little bit of that is because cows and pigs remind me of Jake (the dog) and I couldn’t eat him (most likely). The rest of it is just because on more than a few levels cows an be pretty disgusting and I don’t know why I would want put their meat in my mouth! Of course my very next thought as I rode off was remembering that I had a couple of steaks marinating in the fridge for dinner (they turned out swell by the way).


Trucks. Nice trucks, crap trucks, work trucks, play trucks, and trucks for sale. I must admit I was pretty smitten with the truck above. I imagine myself driving it at high rates of speed down dusty dirt roads, swilling Busch Light, dressed like Cooter from The Dukes of Hazzard. Wifey would of course be by my side with her crimson hair teased to the heavens, sporting a halter top, cut off shorts and cowboy boots. Hmmmm… maybe we’re not cut out for that, but I do like the truck!


Deer carcasses.  I swear in 35 miles of riding today I saw more than ten deer along the road. Including the one above that was picked so clean that I thought I might be riding through a a dinosaur dig site.

I of course could have included pics of Amish, barns, Popov bottles, empty cased of beer, turkeys, (live) deer, snakes and horses, too, but I’m tired and going to bed.

I really do enjoy riding on dirt and gravel and I hope to do it a couple more times this week as well as attempt to get some trail time in on the Superfly.


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