Doing Both

My Monday was filled with all the business that Monday brings, so I was confined to the Dreadmill™ for 3 miles of lumbering and sweating my ass off to the latest techno “hits” featuring “a good beat that you can dance to,” all the while trying not to fall off the damn thing to become another sad A.A.R.P. treadmill statistic. 

*Let us now bow our heads and remember all of our geriatric brothers and sisters who have fallen whilst booty-shaking on treadmills.*

I woke up on Tuesday with an itch to ride but a host of other things that needed to be done. Why can’t we do both? (Because you’re old and fat?)

So with no common sense to be found, I did a quick 20-mile Better Than The Trainer Ride™, sweat my aged balls off, then came home to mow the grass of the vast (not really) estate of the Cul-De-Sac-Shack before my father-in-law arrived from Pennsylvania for a quick 2-day visit with us.

The ride was good, but due to the hurry I was in, I got shit for photos. Because of that, you get a bonus picture of our dog Lola sleeping! 

I sadly admit that the ride was sweet, but walking behind the mower in the late-morning heat with 20 miles of riding already in my legs may have been too much for my old ass. I really don’t know where all the sweat was coming from! I just hope a few feisty calories got burnt along the way.

That’s all I got. Stay tuned for the next post in which I talk about how making my bed after a workout kicked my ass. (insert eye roll here)



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