Summiting II

This all seems very familiar to me. And by “this,” I mean writing a post about something I did 2 days ago and now having little desire to write about. And not just because it wasn’t that interesting!

Yet, I still write. Sorry.

On Wednesday, I found myself Dreadmilling while Wifey worked in her office/spare bedroom, and B and my visiting father-in-law went and golfed 9 holes on a nearby course. Later that night, we went out to eat at Mountain Town Station, which marked my first time eating out in a restaurant since February of 2020! While the company, beer (Wit Dream!), and evening were enjoyable, I was left wanting by the food. No offense, chef, I just know I can do better.

Thursday, I headed out to the Bundy Hill Preserve to do a couple laps and take some pics.

I ascended Bundy for the 3rd and 4th times this month and now only need to do it 27 more times to climb a vertical mile. Welcome to the world of the elevationally challenged.

The 3-mile hike was a nice workout and aided this week’s weight loss numbers, but my picture-takin’ was ssssssub par, and I arrived home with a memory card filled full of missed shots and mid-morning light ho-humness.

Friday, I was back on the Dreadmill for an early morning workout, then off to the bike shop to help for a bit; I entered inventory, fielded phone calls from desperate customers hours away searching for tires (We got ’em!!), and fixed some flat tires and blown tires on, um, er… “vintage” bikes that looked as if they were stored under a tree in the back yard for the past 20 years. Sigh.

Now here we are on Saturday morning. I woke up early this morning to a heavy thunderstorm moving through the area. This made for wonderful sleeping, but it, along with the potential for more rain, might ruin my chance to get some miles in on the bike today. Fingers crossed that I can get out for a B.T.T.T.R.™ between raindrops.

Now, where did I put my rear fender?…


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