Even Later

I wanted to do a travelogue about the trip Wifey, and I recently took to Jamaica, sort of like I did for our trip to Paradise, Michigan last summer. But the 7-day vacation was such a whirlwind of fun, rum, buns, and sun, that I now find myself playing mental catch up, trying to figure out what I did, what day I did it, and why I did it.

In addition to all that, during our trip, I banged my shin as I gracefully climbed aboard a boat taking us snorkeling. Due to being on blood thinners for a history of blood clots, by the end of the trip that small bruise had my shin, calf, and foot various shades of black and blue and swollen to the size of a fleshy football. Thankfully, none of that impacted our trip, but (along with picking up one of the worst chest colds I’ve ever had) is affecting my ability to think, move, breath, walk, talk, or live like a normal human being now that we’re home. Oh well, I consider all that a karma tax for escaping Michigan during one of the coldest weeks in history.

Having said all of that, as I continue to recover, I will do my best in the coming days, weeks, or months to recap what I saw and did whilst in Jamaica. It may just end up with me posting some photos and moving on. Who knows, this “bike” blog1 is a shit show, and I’m the fat ape flinging the poo on center stage.


  1. I love doing this blog and have been writing it in one form or another since April of 2005. Now as The Soiled Chamois heads into its 14th year (OMG!!), I find myself no longer racing my bike. I love riding my bike, but I’m no longer riding so long that my chamois gets soiled, and barely give a shit about what the bike industry does, doesn’t do, or what shiny new bits it comes out with. I’m nearly 48 years old, 50+ pounds overweight, ride when I want, where I want, and care more about what camera (or beer) I have in my hands than what bike is beneath my fat ass.
    I want to continue writing, but I’m not sure that I should keep doing it as The Soiled Chamois. I’m feeling like that continuing as The Soiled Chamois is a misrepresentation of what this blog is and who and what I am these days. Part of me wants to migrate it all to Junk Miles and get a semi-fresh start. Or start over entirely with a new site called something like Insufferable Fatty Fucking Fuck Face.

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