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I have officially stopped trying to do a post in which I recap my trip to Jamaica. Since our return, I have been sick with the worst chest cold I’ve had in my life, AND I’m on the 2nd round of antibiotics in an attempt to heal my leg that I knocked/cut on a boat ladder in the ocean. In addition to that, Wifey picked up my chest cold, and we have had multiple ice storms that have left mid-Michigan ensconced in ice and frozen snow.

In the past two weeks, I have worked out exactly once. With my coughing a bit better I tried today but was forced to abort when I started hacking and gagging on phlegm. Most of my time has been spent in bed, sitting in the rocker with my leg iced and propped up watching footy, or hacking up lung butter while cursing loudly.

I have been eating a bit better though, eating meat just twice in the last week and trying to eat as many whole food plant-based meals as possible, including a few different batches of vegan soups and chowders. I’m not exactly a poster boy for the plant-based eating, but as always, it couldn’t hurt.

We’re only 42 days into 2019, and lots of shit have gone tits up. However—despite my nature—I refuse to be drawn into dwelling on the negative stuff. I went on a fantastic weeklong trip, escaped Michigan during the coldest week in decades, celebrated B-Man’s 15th birthday, and watched him play more than a few excellent matches in the bubble.

As my leg and lungs improve, I will surely return to the Not So Stankment to Zwift™ on the Hammer, lift heavy things for no reason, and eventually transition to riding the dirt roads again. Until then here are some photos from my trip and some random shots from recent weeks.

My best day for shooting in Jamaica was during a trip to a local shopping area. It pissed down rain that day (the only day), and it was a good day to capture some shots. Not exactly beach-scapes but still fun for me. I have a ton of GoPro video to go through, but just have not been that motivated due to illness and the infected leg.


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