First Dystopian Match

It seems that the allegorical tale of near drunken death and breast ogling aboard the RMS Titanic was met with less than stellar reviews from my wife. I believe the term she used was, “It was a bit much.” Sigh.

I’m not one to argue with a reviewer, but I think she missed the story’s silver lining, which pointed out that no matter how bad things seem to be, they can sort of maybe work out. But first, a bunch of people are going to die.

I think she focused too much on the secondary lessons: getting hammered is a great way to endure a history-making catastrophe like a passenger ship sinking (or a pandemic). And that if you maintain enough focus, you might end up on a lifeboat with a bosomy redhead. And ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!1

Well, I should be in her good books now because I’m posting photos of her favorite person: B.

Battered boots and socks down, Jack Grealish style. Top intro photo shot during warmups.

These are a few shots from his first high school soccer match of the year. It was slightly dystopian, with the kids and everyone wearing—or trying to wear—face coverings and play, but you play in the mask when the alternative is not playing. If they’re lucky, and things improve a bit in our state zone, they can get some maskless games in this season. Better safe than dead.


I shot about 400 photos for the team with my Nikon D4/Sigma 600mm zoom combo during Wednesday’s 1-0 victory, and kept about 70-75% of them.  I edited these photos in Lightroom with my special BW preset and the flat curve preset. 


OK, I’m off to find my deck chair and bosomy redhead. Cheers.


  1. Other than the hundreds and hundreds of people dying all around you.

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