First Half Time Trial


After getting up this morning, I set about drinking coffee, watching football and writing a crap blog post about yesterday’s ride. I finished the post by contemplating a fat bike ramble or a Better Than The Trainer Ride™. In the end I opted for the 26.5 mile B.T.T.T.R™ that was 98% pavement.

Since I wasted my morning writing that crap post, I had to hustle if I wanted to get back in time to at least see the second half of Spurs vs Everton which started at 12:30. Sure, I was DVRing it, but it’s not the same. I like to see it live, but I sure as hell didn’t want to miss an opportunity to get some miles in, even if it was a bit damp out this morning.

Because I wanted to make good time, I decided that I would go into “time trial mode” once I hit the long straightaways of Baseline and Beal City Roads which make up the real cock and balls of the B.T.T.T.R. Well, at least as much of a time trial mode that a 200+ pound man on cross bike can do. Maybe I should call it Ride Hard and Don’t Fuck Around Mode?

As I made my way out-of-town I looked down at my heart rate monitor to see that my heart rate was at 40 BPM. What?? Surely the battery must be dying (or I am). Or I failed to give the strap a good licking after I removed it from underneath a pile of dirty laundry in our bedroom. Sigh… there’s nothing worse that feeling a heart rate strap digging into your fatty back flesh and you can’t even use it.

Thankfully by the time I hit the TT portions of the ride it was working. Must not have been moistened enough… I suppose my fromunda moob sweat lathered it up and got it going by the time I hit Baseline! Finally, being fat is helping out.

Not sure if I was motivated by my want to get back and watch Spurs be “Spursy” or my want to avoid getting stormed on, but I was feeling really good moving along the course, even with 46 miles in my legs from just 24 hours before. Things like that wouldn’t/shouldn’t be an issue for most cyclists, but I am not most cyclists, I am WAY crapper than that.

With about ten miles to go, the rain did move in, but thankfully it was more of a drizzle and not a storm. It actually felt quite good. I was happy with my average speed for the course and my average heart rate. I have a tough time motivating myself to put out hard efforts like I did today, but if I want to put a dent in the blubbering man hams by the time the snow flies, or at least be fat but fit, I gotta step up.

When I got back home the second half of the match was on the way. I made a big ass salad and sat and shoveled it in face as I watched Spurs blow chance after chance and Tim Howard make save after save for Everton. The match ended a crap-tastic 0-0 and Spurs remain winless on the young BPL season. I’ve watched a ton of 0-0 draws in my life and many of them have been damn good. This was not one of those times. Sure glad I didn’t skip the ride just to watch the match!

Time to chill and undo all the good I did with today’s effort.



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