Doing What’s Necessary


Sometimes you get up and go for a bike ride. Sometimes you don’t. Today I did not, but I did stick to my almost daily plan of doing something outside and doing something creative by going for a quick three-mile hike in the woods in between bits of real life.

I took my camera along of course and took numerous shots; most of them sort of sucked. However, I did have some luck when I stumbled upon a very cooperative buck towards the end of my hike.

Seeing that this buck is starting to lose his reddish summer coat is yet another indication that summer is at an end (because B-Man heading back to school to start 6th grade today wasn’t enough).


The woods were also alive with chipmunks and squirrels scurrying around finding bits of food to store away for the coming fall and winter season. Fall… the Sunday of seasons.

Thankfully the weather man hasn’t got the message that fall in nigh and the temps are going to be in the 80s and 90s over the next serval days. I can handle that.

Not sure why my mental mojo didn’t force me out for a ride today, but it didn’t. Hoping to find my way out for some miles tomorrow at some point.


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