Foiled But Fine


My ride today sort of got foiled, but for good reasons. Well, not GOOD reasons, but reason. I’ve been struggling to find some parts for a sliding shelf that broke in our pantry for a week. After exhausting the big box hardware stores in the area I finally took the time to stop in a local kitchen and cabinet place see if they knew what the part was even called, if they had any, and if so, where could I find said part. Well, they didn’t know what to actually call the part, but they dug around in an old parts bin and found me two parts that were ALMOST what I needed and gave them to me nuthin’.

In any event, the parts were close enough to what I needed and all I had to do was put add a little 1/8 shim (actually taken from the two broke parts) for it to work. The fix is pretty ghetto right now, but the drawer is back in pantry and it slides; for now that will do. At least I’m on the trail of what the part actually IS and should be able to order some soon to make a more permanent ghetto fix.

I also squeezed in a trip down to Terry’s to finally get the rear shock lockout on my Superfly fixed. It will be nice to get back on the squishy bike and in the woods over the next couple of days. Big thanks to the guys at Terry’s for tracking down the part and for getting my squishy bits squishing again.

I also had the chance to see the sign that I recently designed for Terry’s Honor Tube Station in its full printed and hung glory. Looks pretty good to me, but then again I’m a tad bias.


So far a couple of folks have helped themselves to a tubes without paying up yet, but there’s time. Even if they don’t this has been a nice PR move by the shop to help out cyclists in the community. Of course it would be nicer if people were actually honest. After I did the design I realized that it has similarities to another design I did for Mountain Bike Radio’s Last Aid Station show. I guess any time the idea of helping someone or “aid” is in question I feel the need to add a red cross. This is possibly why I am an unemployed graphic designer.


I was also quite happy to see a White-breasted Nuthatch hanging around in the backyard yesterday and even happier to have caught it “nuthatching”  with my 300mm lens. I’m no ornithologist or bird watching nerd, but I dig getting pics of the various winged creatures in and around Michigan when I can. It beats taking selfies of my fat face or ANOTHER pic of a gravel road.

Looking forward to finding some dirt over the next few days.



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