Forgotten & Lost


I’m not sure why, but the past few days and the weekend have been a bit of a blur. As predicted, most of Friday was a soggy mess. So I took the time to head down to Terry’s in Alma to swap out some brake pads on the Superfly.

It sucked to have to replace the pads because there was a ton of life left in them, but both sets were contaminated big time and no amount of sanding was helping them. Not sure what could have got on them, but they were howling big time up at Mid last week and there was NO way I was going to ride with that sort of noise. So, they’ve been replaced and a working perfect now.


Despite having new, howl-free brake pads on the Superfly I, for some reason, decided to roll my El Mariachi on Saturday for a ride up at Mid.

Sigh… As much as I love that bike and as many miles as I’ve put on it, it seems our relationship is just NOT what it once was. After a year on the Superfly, with just a bit longer top tube and roomier cockpit, the EM feels WAY to small now and I was constantly stopping to adjust things to try to get comfortable.

Sadly, I never found comfort. It wasn’t even the bumps and rocks of Mid that cause the discomfort, it was just me. Well, it was me on that bike. I really don’t see me riding this bike much more. The Boone handles my gravel and road riding just fine and the Superfly is handling trail duties. On top of that I have the Farley for when I want to ride a hard tail on gravel, trails, snow, ice, mud, sand, etc., etc… I’m really torn on what to do with the bike (and what to do with me).

I did the full 16 mile loop at Mid and despite my awkward feelings on top the EM, I had a good time. Of course I should have known things weren’t going to be great with this ride when I stopped to take a wiz, looked down and saw a giant hunk of fungus with the words “Beware bad spirits” scrawled on it. Creepy.


The weather peeps were calling for rain and thunderstorms today, so I figured I would just go to B’s soccer match then try to squeeze a quick ride in afterwards if the storms held off.

Well, the storms held off but with the morning filled with lost uniform shorts (how can you lose shorts in the house??) that had me running to Dick’s sporting goods to buy new ones (they thankfully sell the exact short B needed), then home to find that I bought a size too big, then back to Dick’s for another pair, then home, then to the game, then watching the game, then home again where I realized that in all that lost shorts drama I failed to eat breakfast. So, I said “fuck it” and decided to be a lazy goof today. Sit around, lay around, fool around, read, watch footy and drink beer. Oh well, the winds kicked up to 15+ MPH anyway, so all I really missed out on was riding into a miserable wind and a whole lot of cussing.

Hoping this week has a few more miles in store and that I figure out what to do with those extra bikes in my basement that need to find homes. Drat.


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