Getting Better


Thursday brought an end to the crap excuses and I returned to Hanson Hills to roll the Farley on the trails. Last week the trails were groomed but super soft, this week they were in need of a fresh groom, but were way firmer and rideable allowing for two laps and much less walking.

Despite the improved conditions, I was working like a dog! Hills that I wouldn’t even think about in dry conditions are whole new experiences in the snow atop a fatty. Part of me loves that and of course part of me hates that.


After a once successful ascent that involved a lot of cussing, grunting and groaning, I found myself taking advantage of a trailside tree to prop myself up and take a drink before I started down the trail and the approaching descent.


A descent in which I quickly hit a tire rut, went over the bars and slid down the hill like I was frosty the fucking snowman and got snow on my camera’s lens rendering it somewhat useless until I arrived home and cleaned it.

The trails are coming along and as grooming continues and more people ride and snowshoe them they should get better. I just wish they were closer to Mt. Peezy, the time spent driving vs. the time I have to actually ride the trails is a bummer and these rides might be best saved for weekends… of course being what appeared to be the only person on the trails is pretty nice.

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