A Freeze/Thaw Crapfest


The photo above in an overexposed, misfired shot taken a couple of weeks ago while riding at Hanson. I ended up liking the pic for some reason and posted it on my Instagram page, then sort of forgot about it until today when I decided to use it to help sum up my past four days. Sort of the whole best intentions, crap results, take the lemons life gave you, trade them for limes and (literally) make several gin and tonics.

Friday I opted to catch up on getting some shit done around the house and some other husbandly work with the hopes of riding on Saturday. Sadly by the time I was ready (awake and done watching football) to ride on Saturday the temps were rising and the roads were turning to a mix of rutted ice, slush, mud and snow. Not exactly ideal–even for the fatty–so I opted for a 5k walk/run on the treadmill. Blah. BUT, I made the best of it and once again only walked the opening .25 miles to warm up and ran the rest. I really like seeing how even my unfit, gelatinous, body has started to adapt to running and I’m increasingly hopeful to run a 5k in the spring.

Sunday was awash in light drizzle, melting ice and snow and more craptastic road conditions. I had no desire to run again and less desire to ride the trainer, so I laid around the house until the late afternoon when I cracked a few beers and watched other people doing stuff on TV before heading to bead around 7 pm.

The warmer temps have retreated but have left everything a mess for now. Not sure what the Hanson trails are like right now but the roads are shit. With that, I found myself back on the treadmill again today for an interval workout. Not ideal, but it was an excellent workout.

As you can see, things are NOT going well with the winter riding right now (the only thing going worse is my job search) but I am hopeful for either a full on melt or more snow soon (more snow is more likely). One or the other will bring more riding, only it can’t happen until Wednesday, ’cause B-Man has an early dismissal from school tomorrow which means my riding will be going down on the trainer.

Oh well, I’m making the best of the winter (which is to say I haven’t moved up another waist size, started looking for a black market liver, or started gathering rope to take to the attic. Winning-ish).


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