Getting Closer

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Back be damned! Back also be rubbed, iced, heated, stretched, rolled, medicated, electronically stimulated and cussed to hell. Things are slowly getting better in the back department, at least on the bike.

The back pain that I am dealing with is not the sharp jagged pain of say a slipped disc vs nerve or something, but more of a deep, dull ache that tends to suck the joy out most activities, especially on the bike. I am working on it though and I am continuing to do my stretching and also trying to improve my long neglected core muscles that  I THINK are laying somewhere beneath the twelve pack of Torpedo and large pizza filled gelatinous sack of flesh that I call a stomach.

Along with the stretching and core work, I have also made some adjustments to my position on the Superfly, attempting to make it more aging, out of shape racer with a bad fucking back friendly. I am happy to say that things have started to get a bit better, and today I did a full 16 mile singletrack lap with very minimal discomfort. Still not 100% but at this point 70% feels good! Of course it could just be that my abdominal muscles hurt  so much from that damnedable stability ball that it took my mind off my back! Round…. the shape of evil.

On today’s ride I did something a bit different, instead of using my trusty Canon s95 camera I used my iPhone’s Hipstamatic app. Deciding just to set it on John S lens/Ina’s 1982 film and whatever happens, happens. Not a huge fan, but it’s nice to mix it up now and then.

The nice weather looks like it’s going to be around a while, so I’m hoping to get some easier on the back road miles in tomorrow.


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