Goofing Off, Sort Of


After a short and sweet foggy ride on Saturday, I took Sunday just to goof off: watch soccer football, play FIFA ’16, and make food while drinking a few dozen pints of coffee, herbal tea, water, and a few other things completely void of, and starving of alcohol. My Monday was spent doing Monday stuff along with cursing, shoveling and blowing snow, and squeezing in a quick thirty minutes on the trainer combined with my loose, slack attempts at strength training. Fun, fun, fun… (not really, not at all).

With Monday out of the way and no want or need for any grocery shopping, laundry doin’ or Stankment™ based fitness doin’, I decided that after shoveling, sweeping and blowing another round of overnight snow I would pack bike and gear up and make the quick drive down to Alma to ride a few couple laps of Sally’s Trail before heading home to finally have my snow tires installed on the xB. Thank God too, because the all season tires that were on it were complete shit and made the xB a rolling bread truck/death trap.

Monday night reports of the trail were favorable, but that was before we got another inch or two of fresh snow overnight. When I arrived on Tuesday morning any snowshoe packed grooming and fatty tracks were gone and I was left to navigate the fairly unfamiliar trail by connecting the dots.


The fresh snow was actually pretty easy to roll through and navigation was made easier by the orange trail markings, but because I am me, at times I still found myself off the trail and in the middle of the woods laughing at my inability to find my away around a 3.5 mile loop.


Given that I could follow my own fatty trax my second lap was better, and aside from a few stops to snap some pics and to throw a wiz, I wasted little time. I just enjoyed being outside, getting a sweat on in the 20˚ temps and snow.


After my second lap I debated whether to go out for a third lap as planned. After several short seconds, I decided to just head home, but first make a stop at the shop to say hi and to snap a photo of some found signage that I saw on my way to the ride.


After chatting with the guys and getting the photo I wanted, I headed home. I drove home questioning the value of driving fifteen minutes in the snow to ride seven miles on a fat bike. Then I thought about being outside, breaking through fresh snow, seeing critters, taking photos, and the fact that I was goofing off in the woods on my bike instead of riding nowhere in my basement. Yes, the ride was short and it won’t do much for my fitness, but it was totally worth it.

Audio Bonus! I got to enjoy this track from the band Yung several times as I drove to/fro.

Who knew Danes could røck like that?


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