Snirt Rollin’


Thursday brought three ride options, four if you count riding the trainer in the Stankment™, which I’m not, ’cause that sucks:

1. Ride snow-covered dirt roads on the Fatterson with my camera.
2. Drive down to Alma and do some solo laps on the Fatterson.
3. Meet folks at 6 in Alma do some night laps on the Fatterson.

As you can see, the Fatterson was going to play a part in the day’s ride time festivities, it was just a matter of which one I picked. Part of me really wanted to do the Terry’s group ride, and I even went so far as to charge my lights the night before, but when push came to pedal I opted for the convenient and photo friendly snirt roads.


With central Michigan getting near nightly doses of light snow this week, the dirt roads were guaranteed to be 100% snow-covered. This makes for pretty good fat bike riding and it was, there were only two minor annoyances: First, the mile of pavement that I ride from the ride’s launching pad at Meridian Park was wet, salty, slushy and slow. Secondly, when I rode the trail the other day I took the Fatterson’s PSI down to 7.5 PSI. That was pretty swell for soft snow in the woods, however for a combination of packed and plowed dirt roads, and softer, “we’ll get to that road later” unplowed roads, 7.5 PSI was a bit low and super sluggish. I should have added more air. BUT, that was all minor  ’cause for being a short Better Than The Trainer Ride™ snirt road ride I came away with some pics that I dug. Another win for the ride was that fact that there was very little wind. Wind sucks anytime of the year, but when it’s 25˚ at ride time it can suck even more.


Not sure what it is about riding dirt roads in crap conditions that brings out my lust for a beer, but once again–as I trudged over the dirt roads–I found myself wanting to make sweet, sweet love to a big ol’ pint of imperial stout that evening. But despite all my usual weaknesses, issues, problems, faults and flaws as a man, I was strong, and Day 11 of a planned four week long Booze-Free Fest was a dry one.

With snow killing warmer temps, sleet and rain scheduled for Friday, I was stoked to get outside for a ride, and more stoked to coax some pics that I liked out of my Fuji X-T10. I’ve included a few here, but rather than do a bunch of double posting I’m gonna put the gallery up on the Junk Miles Media site. Check it out if you want to see snowy roads, farm animals and tractors.


During yesterday’s 25˚, snowy and foggy ride I was passed by very few cars and saw very few people, but in just a couple of hours I saw two runners out on the dirt roads pounding out miles. In a county where people make up hundred of excuses every day why they can’t get outside (or inside) to exercise it was nice to see others (along with myself on the Fatterson) throwing middle fingers up to winter and getting outside. Spending cash on warm clothes and equipment for inclement weather is not something anyone wants to do, but when you look at the alternatives to not getting outside, it makes parting with the cash a bit easier. Cheers (holding my cup of coffee high) to the folks I saw out yesterday, and those who find time to get their heart rate up, whether it’s inside or out, whether you’re thick or thin.

Hoping to head down to take some photos at the The Brewery Vivant Farmhand Fat Bike Race on Saturday after some early morning footy watching.


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