Sunday brought little in the way of riding, but much in the way of gusting winds and even some blowing snow at times. It also brought me and Wifey to a local furniture store to buy new mattresses and our first set of bedroom furniture that wasn’t a hand-me-down or dug out of a dumpster. It actually felt kind of nice to finally do that and will probably feel even better to sleep on a mattress that doesn’t feel like it’s stuffed with dead pigs.

While we were out and about, I dropped off a roll of film that I recently shot with my Holga 135. It’s sort of fun to shoot pics with the $35 plastic Holga. It’s also a roll of the creative dice pretty much every time you click the shutter as to whether the crap photo will be a GOOD crap photo, or just a crap photo.

Since I am new to the Holga, its limitations and its attributes, I tend to walk a fine line between creativity, fun, crap and frustration. In the end, it’s just goofing off and taking pics with plastic toy camera, so it’s usually fun, even when it’s crap!






As with the other rolls I’ve shot [a collection which can be seen here], some were good, some were REAL bad and some were just what I was looking for. I’ve been shooting with some Fuji 200 ISO film. I think in the future I may experiment with some different films. It looks like there are quite a few interesting 35 mm options in the lomography.com shop that may be better for this camera.

As for riding today, the winds were nearly as bad today so I laid low and failed to take advantage of the fact that it was sunny out and B-Man was invited over to a friend’s house last night and was going to gone most of the day today. There is a reason that I get fatter and slower every year. I think it’s call apathy.


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