Neffness X


And she did it: Jolanda Neff won a third U-23 World Championship to go with her 2014 UCI XCO Series title. Well done Jolanda, well done. You done us me proud.

At just 21 years old, Jolanda Neff has taken Women’s UCI XCO racing by the Euro lady-bits, um… er… or… a… the NECK! Yeah, the neck and rubbed its face into the dirt of multiple race venues around the world! Her fearless descending, willingness to attack right from the start and flare for style (and wonderfully big hair) has made her a Soiled Chamois favorite. I’d like to congratulate her on winning both the overall title and the U-23 World Championship (and for giving me something to blather on about on this shit blog).

I really hope that Jolanda can maintain the desire to keep racing XCO (or Marathon, I’m OK with Marathon), avoid the lure of the road (or worse, cross) and can still make a living. I think she will, because as of right now, I think Giant know who’s buttering their mountain bike bread: It be Jolanda.

I wish Jolanda Neff the best of luck in her future, as for now I think my bout of “Neffness” is complete. Probably… most likely… After all, The Who did like 20 “farewell” tours… and I HATE The Who. Not nearly as much as I hate the fucking Eagles, Boston, Genesis and U2, but I hate them nonetheless.


Original photo by Photo Maxime Schmid. Sorry.

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