No Help From Monday

It’s been a minute or two years since my last Macro Monday post, and I’m not going to start today. Mostly because it’s Wednesday, not Monday, and I took the photos on Sunday, which means Monday has fuck all to do with anything.

Despite Monday’s lack of contribution to the post and the absence of a pseudo pun as a title, I decided to post up some macro shots I took while on a short photo creep around Meridian Park on Sunday. 

As of now, I am not fully committed to macro photography with special flashes and tripods and the like, but I do have a couple macro lenses and really enjoy it. It’s always amazing to me to see the little details and nuances in nature that we most often walk right past while out hiking. 


Like my other favorite photo genres, sports and wildlife, there is something about the thrill of the chase and the unexpected that keeps me going back for more. Sure, I probably look like a freak standing still along trails staring at a flowering shrub for minutes on end in search of photogenic insects, but after spending a big chunk of my life shamelessly squeezing into ill-fitting Lycra to ride my bike, I think I can handle it.



Macro Monday is dead! Long live Macro Monday! OR WEDNESDAY!


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