Not For Real

I sort of failed on this week’s Macro Monday. But I guess that sort of depends on your definition of macro, and just how close you need to be. What I’m trying to say is that this post contains some “close-ups” but an actual “macro lens” was not involved. Hairs have been split for the good of the internet.

I also have no macro shots because I took advantage of being up early to get a quick gravel ride in before things heated up. So, it was an old beat-up Nikon and crap zoom lens in my bag this morning.


The dong plants are blooming.

I’ve been on a good run of quality sleep, and my mornings have proved that of late. It’s amazing how good one feels in the morning when you don’t spend 80% of your night tossing and turning in a fart smelling cocoon of self-loathing, shame, anxiety, and aerosolized fecal spores.

I rode my bike, I felt pretty good, and then I came home and got shit done. The only thing I didn’t get done was a REAL macro shot. My bad.


I wanted a better shot here, but I’ve seen the owner. He looks like he’d storm the state capitol with an assault rifle because he’s not allowed to get a hair cut. So, this covert shot of an awesome old SUV will have to do.

Off to the shop for some hours on Tuesday.


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