Not Much/Macro Monday

Sometimes to go forward, you have to look back at where you’ve been. And flush. — Unknown

That bit of wisdom was seen scrawled on the restroom wall of the Burger Barn in Hoopa, California.1

The quote above was my lackluster attempt at saying that I actually had to look back and see what I wrote in my last post before I wrote this one. It was also a way for me to virtually visit Hoopa, California, via the Googles.

It turns out I didn’t have much to say in that post, and given that I haven’t ridden my bike or hiked all week, I have even less to say in this one!

The past week was spent by working a few hours at the shop, doing house stuff, forgetting to go to appointments, going to rescheduled appointments, rehabbing Wifey’s 19-year-old mountain bike (turning it into a rail-trail slayer), dodging thunderstorms, getting our dryer fixed, cutting the grass twice, spending hours finding and removing a piece of malware on my Mac, and abusing a variety of vices to numb myself to who/what I am, and the ongoing Great American Dumpster Fire.

Three moves and lots of dust. But it’s back!

And that’s fine. I made some cash, Wifey’s bike is done and ready to log some comfort miles on the paved bike trails of Michigan, and most of the week I had no fucking idea what day it was. And I still don’t.

Wifey’s old 6500 is now a comfort bike. Photo was taken before I took it to the shop to remove the SPDs and install flat pedals and get a new chain.

I did have a bit of luck one day (not sure what day) when I was outside cleaning 19 years’ worth of dust, cobwebs, and moving stickers off Wifey’s bike. I went to throw out some garbage and spied a tiny tree frog on the garbage can. I quickly ran into the house, grabbed my z6, and was able to get a few pics of the tiny little critter (note photo with my dirty ass finger for size reference).

I took a few pics of it chilling on the can’s lid, then it leapt a few feet to my right and stuck like glue to the side garage door. There I was able to get a few pics of it clinging to the door and filthy garage window.

After getting a few shots of Kermie, I saw a bee in the roses and got a few photos of it doing bee stuff. Win.

To quickly recap my week in a nutshell:

  1. I did fuck all.
  2. Multiple brain cells fell victim to my vices. No worries, I wasn’t using them anyway.
  3. I took a few photos of a tiny frog and a bee.
  4. I wasted a LOT of time going down a geographical wormhole, making up fictional graffiti, picking a random town, and a random restaurant to include in an introduction to a blog post that 7 people (including myself and my wife) will read.
  5. I may or may not have contacted a realtor in Hoopa, California. 
  6. Wifey may or may not have stopped payment on a check I may or may not have sent as down payment on a 1 bedroom/1 bath fixer upper home selling for 8.2 million dollars in Humboldt County, California. Not sure why she would stop payment, the check would have bounced, hard.

The coming week looks like it might be ideal for riding and frolicking outdoors. For the sake of fewer posts like this, I hope so.


  1. Potentially. I’ve never eaten at the Burger Barn, although I imagine their OMG! Bacon Cheese Burger to be quite a mouthful of bacony, burgery, greasy goodness. To tell you the truth, I’ve never even been to California, but the idea of living out the rest of my days in northern California is very much a reoccurring pipe dream.

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