Nothing and Awards

I type this with one goal in mind: get to the end. Fast.

OK, that’s not true. I have two goals: get to the end quickly AND try to re-motivate myself to keep this shit show going. The blog, not life, although there are days, am I right?

I will skip boring you about my half-hearted return to the gym for Operation Peck Lift II, B’s soccer games, or how we had to take him to a doctorless Not-So-Urgent Care™, then to an Urgent Care during Sunday’s game down near Ann Arbor because he had a severe allergic reaction to whatever chemicals the grounds crew put on the grass.

I will also skip boring you about how it was 75˚, sunny, with virtually no wind the other day, and I couldn’t have been bothered with my bikes. I will also avoid the want to drop a Soiled Chamois Exclusive about the new egress windows we had installed due to lack of interest from all parties.

HOWEVER, I WILL tell you about how B won Best Music Video as part of DAFT’s 53rd Annual Student Film Festival!!!! YEAH, B!!!

For this video B filmed, directed and edited it. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

I will also post photos from a short walk I did at Meridian Park the other day after some morning rain and some from B’s weekend matches, ’cause that’s all I got.


I do NOT want to know.

I’ll be back again soonish.


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