Out of The House

On Friday, I found myself oddly void of the desire to visit the Caligula-like setting of the gym and all of its sweat, testosterone, and cluster bomb pheromone attacks camouflaged in Gymshark tights. Instead, I opted to get some shit done and then do a short photo walk at Meridian Park. This obviously did nothing for my rotund shape but did get me out of the house, and somedays, that’s all that matters.

The morning was crisp and sunny, much to the chagrin of my cataracts, but a little warmer than it had been earlier in the week. With that, I was hoping to see a few more critters out and about. Sadly, that was not the case, and I was held to the few shots you see here.

I did a few short laps around the pond area, squinting skywards through the leafless trees in hopes of capturing some birds in pixel form, but by spring-time woodsy walks standards, things were pretty lame; it’s still too cold for the snakes, frogs, and turtles, and the ducks and geese were off doing whatever it is those fuckers do in their off time.

In the end, I burned about 7 calories and got a few OK-ish shots. I did get another pic of a photogenic Northern Flicker (top photo) in some unfriendly harsh backlight but was able to save it (I think) with some Lightroom adjustments to the RAW file.

Busy weekend ahead with 2 soccer matches and the Oscar awards at B’s high school, where he is one of the MCs and produced, directed, and edited the ceremony’s opening music video. He did an awesome job and I’m hoping he shares it on the socials somewhere so I can show it here, but you never know with him.

I’m off to get my camera gear ready for this afternoon’s match and watch the footy on TV.



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